Trombone Players Turn Around To Crowd Unveiling Twist Leaving Crowd In Uproar

We’ve seen high school bands blow our minds, middle school dance troupes take over our hearts and talented teens of all types wow us with their unique interests. While all of these accomplishments are great in its own right, the China Spring High School trombonists definitely took things to the next level with their trombone routine. They put boring trombone acts of the past to the side and gave the audience a performance they will remember for the rest of their lives! We’re just thankful someone shared the students’ mesmerizing routine online.

This difficult routine has members line up shoulder-to-shoulder for an act that involves fast moving, staying perfectly on-beat and choreography that even some of the most talented dancers wouldn’t be able to carry out. Thankfully, the China Spring High School trombonists practiced their routine for months and knew it like the backs of their hands. With the entire school watching, the group jumped right in!


The talented teen trombonists rolled through the routine flawlessly. They hit every note, nailed each dance move and did it all in front of hundreds of people! By the end of their performance, the entire audience was hooting and hollering. Take a peek at this impressive trombone routine for yourself below. There’s a reason why more than 500,000 people have tuned in from all around the globe to watch the China Spring High School kids play. These trombonists are a talented bunch. Hopefully, they all continue with music as they get older!