This Is America: You Will Be Smiling Like An Idiot After Seeing These 25 Wholesome Pictures

Daily acts of kindness are a hot topic nowadays. Research has proven that acts of kindness are beneficial not only for the recipients but also for the performers. They have a positive effect on one’s mental health, happiness, as well as full of life satisfaction. Kindness is a contagious phenomenon too: one good deed spreads rapidly like a virus and brightens the day of dozens of people. Luckily, there are still genuinely good people in the world who do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to people in need.

Here are 24 pictures of people with big hearts that will restore your faith in humanity.

This old lady visits the supermarket to read books all the time, so the manager decided to install a little bench for her.

© abaderose108 / Imgur

This man spent his subway ride playing the violin for a baby that was crying.

© attacked_by_a_turkey / Reddit


A nail salon refused service to a woman with cerebral palsy because she “moves too much.” A cashier then decided to buy a bottle of nail polish and paint the woman’s nails during her break.

© Tasia Smith / Facebook

A Kenyan woman found her childhood friend on the streets suffering from drug addiction. She then took him to rehabilitation.

© K2Ocean / Reddit

A U.S. Marine found four tiny rabbits in a hole next to their dead mother rabbit. He bottle fed them four times a day for two months.

© Tokyomaneater69 / Reddit