Man Learns Ex Engaged To New Man Turning Heads With Comeback He Posts Online For All To See

The internet is abuzz with shock after reading Blake Higginbotham’s story he posted on Facebook about his ex-wife. It’s been a rough three years since they divorced.

He and his ex-wife share custody of their three children. They married young, started a family quickly, then it all fizzled and ended in a bitter divorce, he shared.

It has not been easy for Blake and his ex to mend fences. It has been a very rough row to hoe, but they have always put their kids first, he shared.

“We share the kids evenly and support them in everything they do. We act as a team.”

Blake knew that one day it would happen to one of them. Either he or his ex would meet that someone special.


That butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling of a new romance blossoming was bound to occur. So when Blake learned that his ex’s boyfriend had proposed, he took to social media to vent.

He admitted that her boyfriend is a great guy. He’s really good with the kids, too.

But it’s what he finally had the gumption to say about his ex that has drawn shock from people everywhere…

“This is my ex wife. The mother of my 3 children. The woman who brought all 3 of my children into this world. We got married young, had 3 beautiful children and had a bitter divorce. 3 years later, that relationship is much different. We share the kids evenly and support them in everything they do. We act as a team. The man she’s with is a great guy. He’s great to my kids and they love him to death. As a father, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I sincerely wish you both the best. I’m thankful for many things including y’alls relationship.”

Blake had advice for all divorcees out there: “I encourage you … to try and look at this from a different angle.”

“Just because you didn’t work out as a husband and wife doesn’t mean you can’t be mom and dad.”

People who have commented on Blake’s post can’t believe how wonderful his sentiments toward his ex and her new fiance really genuinely are. Congrats to this soon-to-be-blended family!