Man Discovers $5 Flag At Flea Market But Close Look At Writing On It Makes His Heart Drop

Shopping at garage sales or thrift stores you never know what you’re going to find. But for one couple from Texas they were absolutely blown away by their purchase – and knew exactly what they were going to do with it. Walter Brown was bargain hunting at a flea market with his wife Lanie when he noticed a large American flag. But what made this flag unusual is that it had writing all over it.

The moment Walter began reading the messages that had been penned on the flag, he knew it was special and immediately wanted to purchase it. Because of all of the writing he was told it was only $5, which Walter immediately paid. It was obvious to the couple that what they had found was actually a tribute flag for a fallen Marine, Lance Cpl. Fred Maciel – full of heartfelt words from his fellow military members. There was no question that it shouldn’t have been sitting at a flea market, but instead should be with the man’s family.


As it turns out, the Brown’s son is a Marine too – another reason why the flag had a lot of meaning to them. So after discovering that it had actually gotten lost 9 years before when Fred passed, they decided to do something about it. Not only were they going to get it to his mom, they decided to hand deliver it as well. Watch the video below to see Fred’s mom’s tear-jerking reaction when she finally gets a hold of her son’s tribute flag. Bless this couple for their act of kindness!