Halle Berry Turns 52 And Shares With The World How She Still Looks Young And Beautiful

Halle Berry, a name that doesn’t need an introduction. She is a stunning actress, starring in several genuinely unforgettable movies and being recognized with an academy award. Apart from her talent, her elegance, grace and good looks have always been a sight for sore eyes. 52-year-old Halle still does not look a day older than 25! Why not? After all, she’s been taking care of herself and her body like nobody.

This yoga goddess could easily have become a professional athlete. The secret behind her beauty, health, and fitness is the ketogenic diet. Berry lives without carbs and sugar and prefers healthy fats, like the ones we get in avocados, coconut oil, and eggs.

Halle has recently celebrated her 52-year-old birthday. She is an inspiration for many of us and shares how she maintains her youthful looks on her Instagram handle. It isn’t surprising to see that Halle has over three million followers on Instagram. The actress shares tips on her workouts, with her ‘Fitness Friday’ series with her fitness coach Peter showing different weights workouts, boxing, yoga poses, and meditation.

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