Girl’s In Tears Meeting New Brother When Mom Stuns Her With “There’s Somebody Else You Should Meet”

Meeting your new baby for the first time can be a tearful experience for any parent. However, they’re not the only ones who can get emotional over the moment! Sometimes even kids can be so amazed seeing their sibling for the first time that there’s no holding back the waterworks – just like the little girl in the video below.

When Kaydence walks into the hospital room she immediately goes over to her mom in the bed and gives her a big hug. But the second she turns and sees her adorable new brother in his hospital bassinet – there’s just no holding back! Kaydence is so overwhelmed by the experience that she bursts into tears. The baby had come a week early too so likely that had even been surprising. But just when Kaydence calms down a bit mom says to her, “There’s somebody else you should meet…”


Although it was a huge and exciting day already, it was about to get even more mind-blowing for Kaydence. She looks over towards the door and sees her daddy! He had been deployed in Afghanistan and she didn’t expect him home for another four months. She once again becomes hysterical (rightfully so) as she jumps into his arms. It’s a heartwarming scene you really have to watch for yourself – just be sure to grab a tissue first.