20 Powerful Photos That Proved The World Is Not Such A Horrible Place After All

Scrolling through social media pages, it is easy to see a lot of negativity. Whether it is bad news, people arguing or complaining. However, sometimes we need to search for the bright side of things and spread positivity with powerful stories like the ones on this list.

Below you’ll find short heartwarming stories which highlight the best parts of humanity. Scroll down to read something that will brighten your day and maybe even inspire you to give a little more to other people.

If I Didn’t Get Him, No One Else Would


Only Got One Dollar In My Pocket


I Heard You Like Seeing Paraplegics Defy The Odds


The Last Note My Grandfather Left My Grandmother Before He Died.


My 90-Year-Old Neighbor Has Not Walked Her Dog In Years, So I Volunteered To Do It For Her. So Proud Of Buddy’s Weight Loss


Homosexuality Has Been Decriminalised In India!


Found In R/Askreddit.. Wholesome Level 10/10


The First Time I Visited My Girlfriend (Now Wife) In College I Had Bought A Peach Tree From A Local Nursery And Said To Her, “Someday, We Will, Eat Peaches From It Years From Now Because We Will Still Be Together.” It Worked Better Than I Had Planned. Here’s Our Son Eating A Peach From That Very Tree


Kindhearted Walmart Cashier Painted A Wheelchair-Bound Woman’s Nails After Salon Turned Her Away Because Her Hands ‘Move Too Much’ Because Of Her Cerebral Palsy

Tasia Smith

Go, Willie!




A Police Officer Breastfeeds A Baby Neglected By Busy Hospital Staff


A Tree That Owns Itself


Police Officer In London Proposing To His Boyfriend Who Is Also An Officer At Pride Parade

MET LGBT Network

Nike Surprises Justin Gallegos With A Contract. Justin Is Their First Professional Athlete With Cerebral Palsy


In 1982, A Little Boy Was Hit In The Head With A Screaming Foul Ball, And Instead Of Waiting Many Minutes For EMTS To Arrive, Jim Rice Scooped Him Up And Brought Him To The Dugout Where He Got Immediate Medical Attention And Was Quickly Hospitalized. He’s Credited With Saving The Boy’s Life


A Doctor Made A “Special Prescription” For An Illiterate Patient


This Past Weekend I Visited Five Friends I Never Met Before Despite Knowing Them For Over Five Years, Including Joe Who Is Terminally Ill With Ewings Sarcoma. We All Met Through Online Gaming, No One Had Met Each Other In Person Until A Day Before This


If You Could Add The Number Zero To The End Of Any Total In Your Life


Our Old Boy Is Getting Put Down Today. Somehow Our Other Two Seem To Know, And They Have Been Saying Goodbye All Morning



Source : thinkinghumanity.com