16 Sneaky Home Hacks That Made Me Say ‘Whoa’

15. Cupcake Magic

Whenever I bake, I always seem to end up with flat-topped cupcakes and muffins. But now that I know this simple trick, it looks like that won’t be a problem anymore!

Kelly Neil

16. Color Locking

Never fiddle with a ring of keys again by using this simple hack. All you need to do is color coordinate each key using nail polish. Seriously, that’s it!

Reddit | actonesceneone

17. Meal Planning

Using buckets from the dollar store and labeling them with the days of the week is a great tactic for quick, easy, and organized meal prep. So smart!


Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

18. On The Hook

GRUNDTAL rails and S-hooks from Ikea can be used to make a simple but useful shoe storage system in any area of your home. And they’re super affordable, too — something your wallet will appreciate.

IKEA Hackers

19. Go Vertical

If you know your way around a set of power tools and could use a bit more storage space for canned goods in your home, then this smart idea should be added to your list of must-do projects.

Monika Williams | Backwoods Home


Source : diply.com