16 Sneaky Home Hacks That Made Me Say ‘Whoa’

1. Control The Flow

Use a fork to poke a few holes in the seals for dressings, oils, syrups, etc. This trick will help you control the amount of liquid that comes out while also avoiding big, messy spills. 

One Good Thing

2. Dust-Free Cleanup

If you’re going to be drilling a hole in the wall, place a folded Post-It note underneath it so that the drywall dust doesn’t fall on your floor.

Life Hacker

3. Space-Saving Solution

Whether you’re sharing a closet with your partner or just have a serious shopping addiction, this hack will come in handy. To create more space in any closet, use pop tabs to hang clothing together in a waterfall pattern.


The Shabby Creek Cottage

4. Picture Perfect Party Snacks

You could use a regular serving plate to display tasty homemade treats, or you could get crafty and use a fun, colorful picture frame tray instead!


5. An Egg-cellent Idea

For perfectly round fried eggs every time, crack them into Mason jar lid rings! Not only will your eggs look great, but the lids will also keep them separated while they cook.