10 Pictures of Student Lunches Around The World

6. Ukraine

Do you see that dessert pancake, syrniki? Well, before the kids jump on that, they will have to finish having borscht (beet soup), mashed potatoes with sausages and some cabbage.

7. Greece

Here is some mix of healthy and tasty food. You can see some fruits such as fresh oranges, cucumber salad, and grape leaves with stuffing, along with baked chicken nicely placed on orzo. Finally, Greek yogurt garnished with seeds of a pomegranate, to end the meal with.


8. Spain

To begin with, we’ve got gazpacho (cold soup) to go with bread, fresh peppers, a slice of orange and some veggies. There’s also some shrimp placed on brown rice to complete the meal.

9. USA

And now, there is a mix of a nutritious and delicious meal: a big cookie, chocolate chip flavor, mashed potatoes, a cup of fresh fruits, and peas to start the meal with. However, the primary delicacy for the children is popcorn chicken (fried).

Source: thinkinghumanity