10 Hacks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Show Some Legs

Another approach to help a small room look bigger is furniture with legs.

This is one of those psychological ways to make a room bigger. When our eyes can see under, through or pass furniture…a small space appears larger. A big overstuffed sofa with a skirt hiding the legs interrupts our vision.

This stops our vision past the object resulting in a room looking smaller…not good in a small room.

In your small space opt for furniture that is lighter in scale with visible legs that are slender.

Also furniture with glass tops or lucite are also big pluses.

Source: Houzz via Lisa Teague Design Studios

Double Duty

In a small room you want to maximize the space, however again less is more. What do you do to maximize the space without adding too much or clutter? Add furniture that works double duty.

Ottomans and coffee tables with storage are great ideas. Media consoles that hide the equipment and movies help with storage and hide unsightly electronics.

Anything that serves more than one purpose is good for a small room. So limit single use items for multipurpose furnishings.

This will help you eliminate stuff, cut clutter and make a small space bigger.


Source: Houzz via Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Bigger Makes it Bigger

Bigger is better when it comes to artwork in a small room.

You may have thought the opposite before. However, large art in a small space is very effective in scaling up the room.

A giant piece of art, large map of the world, or sign can be a central focus in the room. Large artwork defines the space and distracts you from the small scale of the room.

In a small space think big scale, it pays off when it comes to art and a small room.

Source: Houzz via Facet 14 Studios LLC

Metallic Accessories

Metallic home accessories are not only very a popular decorating trend but also can help make a small space feel bigger.

Similar to mirrors, metallic accessories reflect light and create an illusion of more space. Gold and silver candlestick holders and vases are great options for this trick.


Source : decoratingwithless.com