10 Hacks to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

There are simple ways you can make any small space in your home appear bigger…

…the way you decorate your home or apartment does have a dramatic effect on how your space makes you feel.

You probably at some point in your life walked into a room and instantly felt uncomfortable, anxious and wanted to leave that space. Often times the interior design of that room is causing you to feel that way. Your home environment affects you in many ways.

Don’t stress though…you can make changes to your home’s interior design and furnishings to have positive affect.

Quick Changes to a Small Room Look Larger

If you have a room in your house that feels small or is small, with simple changes in your home decor you can make a small room look and feel larger.

Plus some of the ways create the illusion of more space will cost you very little or nothing at all. That is probably music to your ears.

I LOVE inexpensive solutions to home decorating problems.

Simple & Inexpensive Ways to Make a Room Bigger

Mirrors are Small Rooms Best Friends

Mirrors can accomplish so much for the small room. Mirrors reflect light throughout a room which helps brighten and makes the space feel larger.

For the best results, hang a mirror across from a window. This will maximise the amount of light reflect into the room.

Another good spot for a mirror is across from a doorway. This will give your room the perception of more depth.

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Hike Your Curtains Up

Curtains add a lot to any room in your home…color, pattern, and texture.

One thing to consider about curtains is the right way you hang them. How your curtains are placed around a window can make a tiny room look bigger.

Whenever possible hang your curtain rod closes to the ceiling…what this does is draws your eyes up which psychologically makes a small room feel larger.

This is a cheaper way to make a room bigger than blowing out some walls…

Another tip when hanging curtains is to extend your curtain rod past the window width. The idea is when the curtains are open the majority of the window is uncovered letting the maximum amount of daylight in.

I recommend extending your curtain rods 6-10 inches on each side of the window.

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Maximize Natural Light

While we are on the subject of daylight. Rooms with a lot of natural daylight often appear larger to the eye.

If you don’t believe this: On a bright sunny day closes all the curtains in a room so no natural light is coming in…see how the room looks and feels. Then open all the curtains and blinds to let in the natural sunlight…Does the room feel larger?

If you do this experiment please comment with your results below.


Rooms that are full of natural light appear bigger…it is AMAZING how simply allowing natural light into a room can make your small room appear larger.

Source: Houzz via Mango Design Co

If your small space has limited natural daylighting, you can still brighten your room in other ways. Using table and floors lamps throughout the room to create a natural glow. Also white light from a flourescent or LED light bulbs create the best daylight alternative.


Dark or Light, But In Between

For a small space, wall color is important. What color you choose for the walls can help your small room feel larger. Often the best choice for a small room is to paint the walls very light or very dark.

Light walls work well for a small space because they will make the room feel light and open…like an art museum.

Maybe not your first choice, but dark walls also help make a small space look larger. If you have excellent natural flight going dark can make a wonderful statement in a small room.

Source: Houzz via i3 Design Group

When going dark stick to black, charcoal, navy blue and deep chocolate brown work best. Other deep hues…red and greens…can have a confining effect to a room.

Dark paints will give your space a touch of classy elegance, while light colors are effective in expanding the look of a room.


Less Is More

In your small room…LESS IS MORE. Over decorating your room is one of the common mistakes we make when decorating.

Too much in a small room will only enhance the fact that the room is small.

In a small room try to eliminate any furnishings that are not essential. Keeping wall decor and furniture to a minimum is a smart idea. Instead of having a sofa and side chair…just have a sofa or love seat. On the walls, opt for only one focal point in the room.

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Reducing the furnishing may seem wrong, but it will work. Too much in a small room draws the wall in visually. Small rooms with less furniture and decor feel open, inviting and…yes…BIGGER.

Remove the Clutter

Clutter is killer in any room, but especially in the small rooms in your home. Clutter is a space hog and we don’t want space hogs in a small room.

In a small room, limit all clutter…remove anything that is not needed in the room. File paperwork, put away toys, put books you are done reading back on the shelf or sell them.

Bottom line if something in a small room is not being used it needs a new home elsewhere or goes to trash.

After removing the clutter in your small space, it will feel bigger.

Source: Houzz via Helene Dabrowski Interiors

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